Athletic Director Report

March 12, 2012


1.        Spring Sports

a.        Baseball - two teams, 26 athletes turned out

                                                               i.      Andrew Duke added as volunteer coach.

b.        Fastpitch - two teams, 30 athletes turned out

                                                               i.      George Trice and Kim Dyson added as volunteer coaches.

c.        Girls' Golf - two teams, 10 athletes turned out

                                                               i.      Sam Jouwsma and Lynell Tsugawa added as volunteer coaches.

d.        Boys' Soccer - two teams, 34 athletes turned out

                                                               i.      First JV team for boys' soccer in years.

                                                              ii.      Chad Holdahl selected as JV coach

e.        Track - 32 boys, 21 girls, 53 athletes turned out

                                                               i.      Melanie Holmes selected as new head coach

                                                               1.        Mark Greenleaf and Andrew Helm hired as high school assistant coaches.

                                                               2.        Bruce Flanagan and Dennis Koering added as volunteer coaches.

2.        Spring Sports Schedules

a.        Available online ( or get daily schedule from Facebook (woodland high school athletics)

                                                               i.      Sign up for schedule revisions at

                                                              ii.      Visit for league schedules and standings (GSHL and Evergreen)

3.        Middle School Track

a.        First day of practice  will be April 9.

b.        Mark Greenleaf stepped down as head coach to move up to the high school as an assistant.

c.        MS Head coach position is currently open.

4.        Current News...

a.        The Woodland Trap Team hosted their first match at the Rainier Gun Club vs. Castle Rock.

                                                               i.      The team did very well with numerous Woodland members taking away individual awards.

b.        We are receiving a grant from Deloitte Consulting to pay for coaching training for our entire staff - including volunteers for the next two years.

                                                               i.      PCA - Positive Coaching Alliance Training will be a requirement for all coaches.

                                                              ii.      The program goal is to become a PCA school with a Double Goal coaching standard.

                                                                      1.        See handout for Double Goal coaching description.

                                                            iii.      Go to for more information.

c.        Archery equipment has arrived.

                                                               i.      Cheryl Nesbitt has scheduled her mandatory training.

                                                              ii.      Program will begin next fall.

                                                            iii.      Eventual goal is to create enough interest in the sport to form a competitive team    for our school - there is a competitive league amongst high schools.

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