TEAM High Report

To:         Michael Green

From:    Dan Uhlenkott

RE:        TEAM High School Update

Date:     March 12, 2012      

Currently the staff is focusing on a couple of issues at TEAM High School.  One is the HSPE Reading and Writing State Assessments that will be given March 13-15.  Testing is always stressful for students who must pass both in order to earn a diploma and staff who have prepared the students and want them to excel. 

The other issue at TEAM High School has been the restructuring of assignments at TEAM High School.  The biggest change at TEAM has been dividing the weekly and monthly reports between Aaron and Jim, giving both equal amounts of students to monitor weekly.  The other change is Tia's workload has increased due to the state mandates.  She will be collecting all the documentation and filing it with me.  She will be double-checking to make sure are files are up to date and complete prior to turning them in when requested.