Special Services Report

To:  Michael Green
From:  Deb Kernen
Date:  March 5, 2012

Re:  March Special Services Monthly Update

Seems like all we've been doing in our world these last couple months is dealing with auditing and getting ready to submit 6 students' safety net applications.  This year we will be applying

to the state for an additional $113,000 to help support the special education students that have the most severe educational and behavioral supports.  This is more than double the dollars that we've submitted in the past.  As mentioned in my last month's board report, we have many more students that have significant needs.  I was asked this summer to serve on the state safety net committee representing our ESD region and have accepted the opportunity.   This will be a terrific professional development activity for me, provide me with an additional network of state wide colleagues and give us a better chance of successfully acquiring safety net funding in the future.  It won't interrupt my work during the school year as the majority of the work will happen during July. 

We had the state Auditors visiting for a couple weeks (sharing our office) and last month submitted 4 huge notebooks for the Consolidated Program Review which occurs every six years.  Initial report indicates we have a couple things to resubmit and revise, however overall looks pretty good.  More details after we get the final reports.