WMS Report

Date:            2/28/12
To:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
From:           Cari Thomson
RE:                 WMS Summary of Teaching and Learning - February

Monday mornings in February have been devoted to department time, student-led conferences, and forecasting and scheduling.  WIS, WMS, and WHS do an excellent job of transitioning students between schools. 

In October, WMS and WHS meet and set out a timeline for forecasting and transitioning 8th grade WMS students to the high school.  WMS also meets with WIS to determine dates for forecasting incoming 7th graders.  Navigation 101 activities starting in January, coupled with fir-year planning, really provide solid information about secondary, and post-secondary options for student.  All 8th graders received the College and Beyond Guide March 2, and that is a good resource for parents as well.  Students will be scheduling with their home room advisor during spring student-led-conferences.

Kelly Sloniker also goes down to WIS in early March and meets with all 6th grade classes to provide information on electives and forecasting.  WIS students then select their classes during their spring conference.  Additionally, WMS provides week-long transitional groups during the summer for incoming 6th grade students identified in the spring. 

February was also CTE month.   The Reflector came down and did an article on our CTE programs.  He was actually at the board meeting when the bond resolution was passed, but was intrigued by the CTE offerings in our district.  He spent a little under two hours talking with staff and students and visited every offering we have.