First Reading of Revisions to Policies 2150, 2151 & 6625: Dealing with Extracurricular Transportation

The revisions to policies 2150, 2151, and 6625 are proposed to reflect current practice for extra-curricular and co-curricular participants in our school district.   Currently most activities and athletics have transportation provided by the district, either by school van or school bus.  There are several that do not utilize district provided transportation, such as Equestrian, Trap, and Swimming.   Additionally there is discussion administratively of reducing some extra curricular transportation in future budget years as an austerity measure.   These policy revision recommendations reflect current practice and provide flexibility for future adjustments.
Attached Files:
2150 draft revsion for 11-14-11.pdf 129 application/pdf
2151 draft revision for 11-14-11.pdf 139 application/pdf
6625 draft revision for 11-14-11.pdf 182 application/pdf