Parent Safety Procedure Letter


Dear WPS Parents:

I write to thank you so much for respecting and supporting our increased safety focus around school. So much of what we are doing to insure safety can only be accomplished via a partnership with our families and community. In December, I sent home a letter outlining safety precautions in place and information sharing how our staff and students actively plan, prepare, and drill for situations that are perceived as dangerous or threatening. We continue to up our school preparedness through these activities.

On the back of this letter, you will note additional information on procedures we are better incorporating to increase our level of safety for all. We want to remain “family friendly,” but it is necessary to be diligent in all we do on behalf of students and staff. I have also included some website resources regarding school, and internet safety, as well as tips for helping parents work through a tragedy with their child.

If at any time you have questions regarding our procedures, please contact me at school (841-2900) or come by for a visit. We welcome your concerns, thoughts, and ideas regarding school operations.

Thank You,
Mark Houk

Woodland Primary School Safety Procedures:

For the safety of all students, staff, and visitors, we are implementing the following:

  1. All parents/visitors must have completed and passed the background check process to access any part of the building past the main office.

    -This includes classroom volunteers, parents attending classroom celebrations, parents wanting to look in the lost and found for their child’s coat, parents/relatives wanting to eat lunch with their child, etc.
    -This is not a realistic expectation for large scale activities like school programs in the gym, Open Houses, Parent Conferences, etc.
    -In the event a parent/visitor who has not completed and passed the background check process shows up to meet with staff outside of parent conferences or other large scale activity, the parent/visitor can expect to be met in the office and escorted and supervised by staff while in the building.

  2. We are no longer able to accommodate adults on the playground at recess times.

    If you have a need to observe your child at a recess, please make arrangements with the principal through the office.

Additional newly Implemented safety practices at Woodland Primary School:

  • All exterior doors, excluding the main entrance are locked from 8:35-3:00.
  • Security Cameras are being installed at main entrance, and mid-way school doors and will be monitored by displays in the school office.
  • The track, field areas, and playground are being closed to the public during school hours (8:00-3:30). These areas will only be accessed by students and staff.
  • Signs communicating a closed campus during school hours (8:00-3:30) will be posted at access points.

School Safety Tips for Students and Parents


Internet Safety Tips for Students and Parents


Tips for Helping Children Work Through a Tragedy