Dear Woodland Families:


We all share the same feelings of sympathy and sadness as we work to comprehend the tragic events that took place on Friday in Connecticut. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the families, victims, students, staff, community, and all others affected by this tragedy.

As parents, we all feel the pain of this loss. As school personnel and community members, we all feel responsible for the safety of Woodland students. We can never predict when and where tragedy may strike, but we can be prepared to deal with it when it does. In Woodland, our schools and school personnel actively plan, prepare, and drill for situations that are perceived as dangerous or threatening. In addition, we have counselors available daily for consultation about student or parent concerns.

As schools around the nation rally to recover from this tragedy, our school community will also work together to ensure a safe and positive future for our children at Woodland.

Some of the efforts in practice at Woodland Schools include:

  • All parents/visitors are required to check in through the office and obtain a visitor badge. 
  • Exterior doors are marked as exit only and posted with visitor check in expectations. 
  • Emergency drills (earthquake, fire/emergency evacuation, and lock down) are routinely practiced. 
  • Staff have communication available by telephone and/or handheld radio throughout the building and playground. 
  • Security cameras help staff monitor various areas of schools. 
  • Emergency handbooks are posted in every classroom. 
  • Emergency preparedness kits are available in every classroom.

Please feel free to contact any of the individual building administrators for additional information or clarification.