Replacement of TEAM High School Facility

Mike Jackson, Woodland Fire Chief recently inspected our facility at Team High School.  This inspection was made at our request as we were considering expanding our facilities into the space recently vacated by the Port of Woodland.   Chief Jackon's found that the facility we currently occupy does not meet the Washington Building Code requirements for occupancy as an educational facility.  He encouraged the District to pursue relocation of the TEAM High School to a more sutable facility as soon as practical.

For the last few weeks I have explored different options of commercial space in the city.  There are some options available to us that would possibly meet the code requriments.   I reviewed various options with the admistirative team and the concensus of the team was that we consider acquiring a new modular classroom space to house and serve the TEAM High School and place that facility directly to the west of the business office modular.

I am in the process of working with the two primary modular classroom vendors (Modern Building Systems & Williams/Scottsman) to identfy the best value and options.  The goal is to have a single 28' x 64' classroom space, (double the size of the current board room).  This would accomodate an expanded student load in the TEAM program.

The district currently has aproximately $390,000 in impact fees that can be expended for this purpose.  These fees must be expended within ten years of collection.  The estimated cost of the new building would be approximately $100,000.  I recommend that we aquire a double classroom modular and that we use Impact fees to pay for the modular classroom,

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