Principal Update: Yale School


Mark Houk, Principal



October 4, 2010


TO:                        Michael Green, Superintendent

FROM:                 Mark Houk           

RE:                        YALE SCHOOL MONTHLY UPDATE



Yale Staff has worked to adjust a staffing reduction that required Kindergarten students to join students in Mrs. York’s class while Mrs. Lindsay shifted downriver to assist with a boom in WPS Kindergarten enrollment.  I appreciate and compliment their dedication and hard work in putting this together to provide the most benefit possible for Yale students.  An Instructional Assistant will soon be hired to help with some of this additional load on our staff at Yale.


Another compliment to the positive momentum emerging at the Yale School, are the MSP results from this past Spring’s assessment.  A small sample, but very encouraging steps brought about by a re-focused, deliberate effort at this site!    



Cc:            Yale School Staff