Common Core Standards Briefing

The Common Core State Standards Initiative

Washington is among the majority of states and territories that joined the Common Core State STandards Initiative and agreed to consider formal adoption. English language arts and mathematics make up the K-12 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) with learning goals that integrate and unify the strengths and lessons learned from the best U.S. state standards and align with the K-12 educational standards of top-performing countries.

In July 2010, with earlier authorization from the Washington State Legislature, Superintendent Dorn provisionally adopted the CCSS  (E2SSB 6696). The next step in the process is to submit a report to the Legislature (January 2011) that includes a thorough comparison between Washington’s learning standards and the Common Core State Standards, a proposed timeline for implementation — state and district level — and related costs. Superintendent Dorn will be able to adopt the new standards after the 2011 legislative session, unless directed otherwise by the Legislature.

Asha Riley will present the work of the state on the Initiative.

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