Principal Report: WMS

Date:               10/5/2010

To:               Michael Z. Green, Superintendent

From:           Cari Thomson, PhD

RE:               September Summary of Teaching and Learning

Woodland Middle School is up and running!

The WMS math department is participating in professional development with the Southwest Washington Mathematics Consortium.  This is a collaborative venture between Evergreen and Washougal School Districts to create mathematics curriculum and common assessments aligned with the state standards.  Professional development time to review common assessments and curricular item has been infused into WSD's professional development Monday calendar to further authenticate this venture.  So far, teachers have found this training valuable.

Professional development on Mondays has focused on department meetings, school improvement planning, and long-term professional development planning by department and by PLC.  Math has had their hands full gathering and implementing curriculum.  English has been working on literature circles and scheduling common writing assessments and scoring throughout the year.  Science developed common assessments by unit last year and has developed a collaborative scoring calendar for 2010-2011 and a way to code the data obtained from these assessments. 

Technology offerings have taken a jump at WMS this year.  We are offering three sections of publications, one being web-publications.  These classes teach graphic design and layout, digital photography, the creation of video productions and web-design.  Additionally, Art II is engaged in a video-production of "Claymation."  This is being spearheaded by a student from Ms. Horrock's room who demonstrated exceptional skill in this area last year and is now facilitating a class project. 

Please check out our teacher web pages under the middle school link.  I am very proud of the access parents and students have to resources and classroom assignments under the teacher's pages.  It truly provides a valuable resource to students as they transition into middle school and makes parent/student access to missed work very easy!  Additionally, athletic resources have been linked as well.  All students at WMS have the opportunity to take an exploratory class at the Tier 2 or 3 levels.

As the new director of CTE, I am working closely with the staff and Melissa Boudreau, our consultant to establish an electronic and paper trail of frameworks and documentation of programs.  Additionally, we have been asked to apply for a grant related to the early childhood program.  We also have a goal of strengthening advisories and community presentation. 

Our new teachers are acclimating well to life at WMS.  Great things are happening in the classroom.  Feel free to stop by any time.