Principal Report: WPS


Mark Houk, Principal


October 4, 2010


TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent

FROM:          Mark Houk           


RE:                 WPS MONTHLY UPDATE



Our Learning Organization.............

This past Monday was a non-student day spent by KG-6 teachers being introduced to common grade level Math assessments.  These assessments are designed to provide more ongoing gauges of student progress.  This data can more effectively guide our instructional conversations and ongoing adjustments.


Asha Riley very effectively outlined the process for implementing these assessments, and we look forward to their contribution to our math improvement efforts.


Also notable, was some continued framing of the direction we expect our schools to begin heading - and that is transforming into more of a "learning organization" that supports the learning and achievement of all (including staff).

We are so fortunate to have quality staff that already take this seriously, and collaborate to do their very best.  However, our efforts need to continue to build in better understanding what is most effective practice/methodology for students, and in infusing this into every classroom setting.      





Fall Open House.................

"Pies ‘n Books" was hugely successful this past week!  Our school looked good, teachers and staff did an outstanding job hosting families, and all enjoyed themselves.

Turnout was very strong - with over 600 students and several new families, there are lots of folks around the primary building this Fall and events such as Open House are going to be well attended.






Cc:            WPS Staff