Prevention and Intervention Specialist


Prevention Intervention Specialist, Khristina Williams, provides assistance, counseling support and referrals to students impacted by or at-risk of developing problems with tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs. Prevention Interventionists support students and their families with drug, alcohol, and tobacco issues, concerns with others substance use, teen and peer issues, and prevention activities. Prevention Interventionists work with students individually and in groups. Prevention Specialist also facilitates Project Success in Health classes for 7th graders focusing on prevention of substances.

Responsibilities include

  • Facilitating support and education groups for students dealing with their own or someone else's substance abuse; teaching tobacco cessation, coping skills and newcomers groups.
  • Counseling students individually and providing crisis intervention as needed.
  • Planning school-wide prevention activities.
  • Individual and groups for support and education to assist in making good choices.
  • Project Success in Health classes for 7th grade.

Healthy Use Survey

Students in grades 6, 8, 10, and 12 across Washington State were invited to participate in the HYS in October. Parents and students can access more information about the results from the survey by clicking the link below.

Healthy Youth Survey 2012

Informative websites to visit

Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA)
Teen Health
Washington State Teen Line
Start Talking Now Before They Start Drinking

Khristina Williams