Approval of Collective Bargaining Agreement with Woodland Secretarial Association.

The Secretaries asociation has ratified a one year agreement that was the result of negotiations in July.   The agreement is attached.  There are a few non monetary changes to the agreement which will be found on the following pages and sections:

Page 12, section 4.7.4 Use of compensetory time on Monday's

Page 14, section 4.10.7 Use of compensetory time in conjunction with personal leave

Page 16, section 4.11.1  removal of outdated leave on "carveout"

Page 17, section 4.12.4 cleanup of language on pay to reflect current practice.


Administrative recommendation:  /motion/  I move we approve the 2010-2011 agreement between the Woodland School District and Woodland Secretarial Association.

Attached Files:
WSAta0710.pdf 152 application/octect-stream