Policy Updates - First Reading

Attached are five policies that are being recommended for modification.


Policies 2004 & 2410 remove references to the WASL and replace them with reference to "statewide assessment"

Policy 3225 inserts an additional paragraph on use of devices to send, share, view or possess pictures, text messages, emails or other material of a sexually explicit nature.   It also modifies the paragraph on consequences and adds a paragraph regarding search.

Policy 3241 modifies a paragraph on imposition of discipline on Special Ed. Students.  This is compliant with federal law (IDEA)

Policy 6530 corrects language in the Workers' Comp section to reflect what is acutally happening.

Attached Files:
2004REV.pdf 87 application/octect-stream
2410REV.pdf 113 application/octect-stream
3225REV.pdf 90 application/octect-stream
3241REV.pdf 108 application/octect-stream
6530REV.pdf 99 application/octect-stream