Resolution No. 2538-Aquisition of Property for a KWRL Center

The four KWRL board approved a purchase and sale agreement for property near exit 16 to serve the future needs of the KWRL Cooperative. All of the necessary permitting, zoining, and other hurdles have been met and the deal will close at the beginning of September. The four boards must formally approve a resolution regarding this acquisition. Administrative Recommendation /motion/ I move we approve resolution 2538 as presented.



Acquisition of Property for a KWRL Center


            A RESOLUTION of the Board of Directors of the Woodland School District, State of Washington, approving the acquisition of certain real property for a transportation center to be operated by the KWRL Transportation Cooperative, upon the satisfaction of all of the terms and conditions contained in the previously approved purchase and sale agreement.

            WHEREAS, the School District is a member of the KWRL Transportation Cooperative comprised of the Kalama, Woodland, Ridgefield and La Center School Districts.

            WHEREAS, KWRL is responsible for managing and operating public school transportation services for the students within the four member districts. 

            WHEREAS, KWRL is outgrowing its current location within the City of Woodland, WA, and desires to find a centrally located site with good access to serve the territories of all of the member districts.

            WHEREAS, KWRL had negotiated the terms of a purchase and sale agreement, plus addendum, with the owners of a 20 acre parcel at the I-5/LaCenter junction; namely, Paradise of La Center LLC, Terry A. Woosley and Sharon Woosley. 

            WHEREAS, the zoning regulations require KWRL to acquire a 20 acre parcel, but 8.315 acres of this parcel are undevelopable and are thus being acquired at no cost.

            WHEREAS, KWRL has completed its investigation and due diligence, including seeking land use approval from Clark County for the transportation center and has concluded that the property is appropriate for its intended use. 

            WHEREAS, pursuant to RCW 28A.335.090, KWRL obtained an appraisal of the developable portion of the Property from a professionally designated real estate appraiser and the appraised value of the developable property was determined to be approximately $311,906.00 dependent upon minor adjustments to the final acreage based on a final legal description.

            NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Woodland School District that the Board approves the closing of the real estate transaction described in the purchase and sale agreement, plus addendum, for an approximate purchase price of $311,906.00 upon Clark County’s approval of the conditional use permit by September 1, 2010, or such later time as agreed to by the parties, if necessary.

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, by the Board of Directors of the Woodland School District that representatives of KWRL are hereby authorized and directed to promptly take such steps as may be necessary in the manner provided by law to acquire the 20 acre parcel legally described and illustrated in the attachment to this Resolution.

            ADOPTED at a regular open public meeting of the Board of Directors of the Woodland School District on the 23rd day of August, 2010.


Attached Files:
Closing Buyer.pdf 31 application/pdf
Resolution No. 2538.pdf 255 application/pdf