Woodland Middle School Academics

Here at Woodland Middle School we work as a team to support every student academically. Our teachers and staff provide students with a rigorous curriculum and support for every student's success. On this page you will find our curriculum and some suggestions that can help connect school with homelife.


The WMS class schedule runs on a 7 period day. Some favorite student electives include Art, Music, Lego Robotics, Hands on Science, ELA/Math Extensions, Personal Fitness, and Success.

Study Skills

Success in middle school means organization, good study habits, and time management. Students transition from one teacher in fourth grade to multiple teachers for many different classes in fifth grade. As they go through this sometimes awkward developmental stage, more choices become available to them. In order to succeed students need to learn how to navigate through these choices and new responsibilities.

Learning study skills such as managing their time efficently, organizing information, and preparing themselves for the next school day will help them do this. Here are some websites that might help:

Planners and the Homework Organizer

At WMS, each student is given one planner for each quarter. Some teachers will check planners periodically which are calculated into the student's grade. Planners are a great way to link to the classroom and home life. Parents can compare the students online grades with what the student has written in their planner. This way parents are informed about upcoming assignments (in the planner) as well as each assignments grade (Skyward). Students are still responsible for writing in their planners for classes requiring them. In case a planner is lost, one can be purchased from the WMS office for $2.00.

Feel free to contact the Woodland Middle School office at 360.841.2850 with any academic concerns.