Policy Updates-First Reading

Six policies are presented for consideration and discussion at first reading.  Five policies are as recommended by WSSDA Policy Service.  Recommended amendments to these policies are exactly as proposed by WSSDA.

The sole non-WSSDA recommended policy  is Policy 2255 which has been requested of our HS administration.  This policy will clarify that Alternative Program students are not eligible to participate in WHS commencement ceremonies.

Policy 1441 reflects changes to the records retentions policies at the state of Washington.  (RCW 40.14.070)  

Policies 3231, 3220, and 4314 reflect current practice and changes to recent revisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and statute

Policy 3241 reflects current practice and is reflective of a legal case recently decided in the 9th Circuit (Greene vs Camreta)



Attached Files:
1440 revision markups 6-03-10.doc 30 application/msword
1440 revision markups 6-03-10.pdf 19 application/pdf
2255 revised 6-04-10.doc 38 application/msword
3231 revision markups 6-04-10.doc 32 application/msword
3421 revision markups 6-04-10.doc 34 application/msword
4020 revision markups 6-04-10.doc 30 application/msword
4314 revision markups 6-04-10.doc 30 application/msword