Woodland High School Academic Plan Overview and FAQ

What can I expect each week?

  • Classroom teachers will provide weekly assignments/lessons in their instructional area. Teachers will be posting these assignments each Monday or Tuesday morning using Google Classroom.
  • We are expecting our students to work on the “AM” classes on Monday and Wednesday and their “PM” on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday is for finishing up any unfinished business or school work.
  • Each of our staff have established office hours where they can be reached by email or via Google Meet (Our students know how to access this option). Click here for our staff office hours.
  • Students on IEP’s or served in our ELL program will be contacted by their case managers to work with the family and provide support/accommodations/modifications.
  • Please remember that the safety and well-being of your family comes first over academics, but hopefully we can create a great learning environment together.

What if my family does not have technology?

  • Please contact Candice Shepherd (lindsayc@woodlandschools.org), our librarian, and she will work to accommodate your needs by putting in a help desk ticket with our technology office. Unfortunately, due to the seriousness of this pandemic, this may take some time to facilitate and supplies are limited.
  • Please note- While Woodland Public Schools does not have the resources to provide internet access to all families who do not have it at home, we are working to provide WiFi access in many of our school parking lots where families could utilize it from inside their cars. Please note these Wifi locations and remember that they will only work on district sponsored Chromebooks/devices:
    • High School: Exterior access point at the side entrance in the south wing facing the car park
    • Middle School: Exterior Access Point at the District Office entrance pointing towards the cafeteria car park (where the buses line up)
    • TEAM: Outside the portable.
    • Columbia: Outside the portables.
    • Yale: Outside the front of the building
  • If you do not have internet access at home or the capacity to print items on the expected learning list, please reach out to your homeroom teacher so they can make other arrangements for materials.


  • Our primary communication tools are phone calls and emails.
  • Teachers will be communicating regularly with students via email, phone calls and virtual meetings. We also will be calling students and families of students that are “not engaged” in school during the closure. Feel free to ask for help and reach out to any of our staff if you need support or have a question about an assignment.
  • Teachers will also be putting weekly grades in the student’s Skyward account. That way parents can track if their child is progressing in their classes.

Grading and Assignments

  • Grading will continue for our students. Students need to earn passing grades by the end of the semester (June 19th) in order to receive academic credit.
  • Students should turn in assignments to the teacher for feedback. It is the student’s responsibility to complete work and submit it to their teachers in order to receive this feedback. Students unable to complete an assignment or needing additional support should reach out to the teacher.
  • Students have the flexibility to complete lessons throughout the day and/or when it is convenient for them and their families.

Tips for remote learning

  • Create a dedicated workspace.
  • Focus on one subject at a time.
  • Establish a Daily/Weekly schedule
  • Do some “fun” activities and take some stretch breaks.
  • This upheaval is tough on students so make sure to celebrate progress. Feed the positive.
  • Reach out with questions but remember that perfection is not necessary.

Who can I contact for help

  • Academic Concerns: Please contact the teacher, email is the best method.
    • Call the classroom teacher’s district phone number/extension and leave a message as they are checking those at home or email the classroom teacher
    • Check-in (electronically) with the classroom teacher during their office hours
    • Please click HERE to access WHS Teacher email and phone number information.
  • Hardships (food or housing): Please contact FCRC coordinator - Gabby Meador
    • Click HERE to be taken to her contact information
  • Technology: If you are in need of assistance, please reach out to the WHS Librarian listed below.
  • Social/Emotional Concerns: If you are in need of support for social or emotional issues, please reach out to one of our counselors listed below.