Elementary School Reconfiguration

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do the schools need to be reconfigured?

The reconfiguration of Woodland Primary School and Woodland Intermediate School as K-4 elementary schools offers greater educational continuity for Woodland's students with fewer transitions over their elementary careers. Rather than attending two or more schools during grades K-4, students will attend a single school from kindergarten through fourth grade.

Research studies demonstrate that increased school continuity correlates with improved academic and behavioral outcomes for students both in the short-term and long-term of their academic careers. 

In addition to improved continuity, reconfiguration increases the efficiency of transportation routing resulting in students spending less time on school buses as well as a reduction in operating costs. The reconfigured schools will also provide more effective academic and behavioral supports for students.

Reconfiguration benefits also include:

  • Districts with multiple elementary schools see increased parent participation in school activities.

  • Families will have a single elementary school for their school-aged children increasing opportunity for family engagement and participation.

  • Reconfiguration provides opportunities for more teachers and schools to work together to improve student learning.

  • Neighborhood schools increase positive interaction within a wider range of students including older students serving as role models and buddies for students in younger grades.

How was the decision to reconfigure the schools made by the district?

During the 2017-2018 school year, the Woodland Public Schools Board of Directors reviewed grade configuration options in consideration of the academic success of students; anticipated growth in student enrollment; and effective, efficient student transportation. 

Following this comprehensive review, the board recognized that reconfiguration of Woodland’s elementary schools to K-4 neighborhood schools was the best choice for the children and families served by the district. Starting with the 2019-2020 school year, Woodland Public Schools will have three K-4 schools as Woodland Primary School and Woodland Intermediate School will join Yale Elementary in serving grades K-4.

What is involved in the planning process?

Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, a district steering team will develop transition plans to ensure a smooth and positive transition to the new grade configuration in fall 2019. The team plans to offer opportunities to parents to offer feedback on the planning process including suggestions for the reconfiguration plan.

Do you have a question not answered above?

Send an email to jacobsoe@woodlandschools.org or contact the district office at (360) 841-2700.