Q: Didn’t the legislature fully fund schools a few years back?

No. For years the state has underfunded the public schools in Washington State, requiring the local taxpayers to pick up the gap in funding through the local levy. There continues to be a significant gap in what the state funds and what it takes to operate the schools in our community. 

Local EP&O funding supports:

  • A substantial portion of our arts and music programs
  • 76% of our staff who keep our technology infrastructure and tools working
  • 38% of our staff who keep floors vacuumed, windows washed, and lunchrooms clean
  • 43% of our staff who keep the lawns mowed, buildings painted, Heating Systems running, and facilities repaired.
  • 19% of all costs associated with keeping students nourished
  • 35% of district-level administrative and support staff
  • 72% of our Basic Ed Paraprofessional, health room, and Program Specialist Staff
  • 100% of extra-curricular and athletic programs
  • 61% of our school nurse
  • 78% of our substitute costs
  • 23% of our Yale School Staff
  • 11% of our Woodland Middle School Staff
  • 21% of our Woodland High School Staff
  • 100% of Programs like PASS at WHS, and the Family Community Resources Center.
  • 12% of our total Special Education expenditures (about $600,000)

Continuation of local funding is crucial because State and Federal funding only pays for about 88% of the total education costs in Woodland. Local levy dollars bridge the nearly 12% gap between what the state pays and the actual costs of operating our schools.

You can learn more about school funding from  ESD 112's Seeds of School Funding Website

You can also watch this video about Washington's recent changes to school funding: