"I highly recommend getting your cair detailed by the PIT CREW! It's amazing to finish your work day and get into your clean car. The CREW does an excellent job vacumming, window cleaning, getting all those tough to reach ditry spots and a car freshener is the cherry on top! No longer will I pay for an expensive car detail that I have to drive to and leave my car. The price, quality and convenience of the PIT CREW car detail is a deal you can't pass up!" - Jennifer Barry


"The PIT CREW rocks! They have detailed my car several times. Every time they have done it, my car ends up clean and shiny! They are hard workers! I often see them in the cafeteria cleaning up after lunch. They do a fantastic job, and they typically have smiles on their faces as they work. They always greet me appropriately -- I love their surprise visits to my office :-)"  -Monica Siegrist


'The Pit Crew at Woodland High School is a unique and thriving business opportunity.  What a wonderful learning environment for a great group of adults, and what a great service they provide. The service they extend to our community is always exceptional and friendly. The dogs that I buy treats for really enjoy them and always want more!" - Dale, Hillman


" I have been taking advantage of the PIT crew car detailing since they began this service.  There is nothing better than getting in your car after a long day at work and having a personal note from the PIT crew along with a meticulous interior cleaning!!!  Such a win-win program!!!" - Deb Kernen


"The PIT CREW does an amazing job detailing cars each and every time!  They are always so thorough in their work, and courteous with the items that are in my car while they are cleaning.  I look forward to the days they visit the middle school and am a loyal customer.  I can't say enough about the great work these students do!" -Emily Swett