Accident Prevention Program

The Woodland School District is committed to providing a safe and healthful environment for all students and employees. This site is intended to increase employee awareness of safety and health and to communicate management safety messages.

Accident Prevention Program

Please read the Accident Prevention Program document. If you have questions regarding the information in this program, please contact Scott Landrigan, ext 2741,landrigs@woodlandschools.org .

Please read these important notices:

Job Safety and Health Law
Notice to Employees: Self-Insured Businesses
Your Rights as a Worker

Employee Accident Report:

Please complete new online form.

Accident report

Non-Staff Forms:

Incident Report-(For Non-Staff and Non-Student Incident Reporting)
Student Accident Report
Student Accident Report Guidelines

Safety Talks

The Southwest Washington Workers' Compensation Trust produces "Safey Talks". You can find Safety Talks here.

Your Safety Committee

The purpose of the Safety Committee is to make recommendations on how to improve safety and health in the workplace. The current school year's Safety Committee minutes will be posted on this website and kept for one year in the District Office. Any news or related articles from the committee will also be posted here. If you have any safety concerns, please contact your representative (see the current committee members' list), and let them know, so that they can bring it to the Committee's attention.

2017-2018 Committee Members:

Scott Landrigan, Director of Facilities & Safety
Tegan Steen, District Safety Officer

Dan Uhlenkott District, WHS Administrators
Paul Huddleston District Athletics
James Doty District Technology
Laura Perry District Food Services
Tegan Steen Faciilities & Safety F&S/Secretaries
Shannon Barnett KWRL Transportation
Mary Burnett TEAM TEAM Staff
Scott Landrigan District/Faciilities & Safety District Office
Teri Retter LRA LRA Staff
Brian Peterson WIS WIS Staff
Jolene Thompson WPS WPS Staff
Ron Schlauch WMS WMS Staff

2014-2015 Safety Committee Minutes:


2015-2016 Safety Committee Minutes:


2016-2017 Safety Committee Minutes:


2017-2018 Safety Committee Minutes:


Workers' Compensation

Woodland School District is self-insured through Southwest Washington Workers’ Compensation Trust (SWWCT). The Trust is fully funded by its member participants. Educational Service District 112 is contracted to perform claims adjustment services for the Trust.

To report a Workers Compensation Claim, please call the ESD 112 Workers’ Compensation Department at 800.749.5861 or 360.750.7504.

In Case of Accident or Work-Related Disease:

Call ESD 112’s Workers’ Compensation Claims Department

2500 NE 65th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98661
Phone: 360.750.7504 or toll free 1.800.749.5861 | Fax: 360.750.9836

  • Get correct Workers’ Compensation claim number from ESD 112 before you seek medical treatment, if possible. (Note: Most physicians and hospitals give you State L& I Claim numbers. This is not the correct number, as the District is Self-Insured. You must get the claim number from ESD 112’s Workers Comp Dept.) You can get this number from ESD112 over the phone.
  • Be sure the physician you see accepts Workers’ Compensation cases. They must be in the L&I medical provider network: https://secure.lni.wa.gov/provdir/ .
  • You will need to complete an Employee Accident Form.
  • Check with ESD112 to find out what is an allowable expense under Workers’ Comp. They will provide all the information regarding the Self-Insured Employers Workers’ Compensation. ESD 112 Worker’s Comp will handle the claim.
  • See A Guide to Workers' Compensation Benefits-For Employees of Self-Insured Businesses