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School Board Meetings and Minutes

The Woodland School District Board of Directors meets regularly on the second and fourth Mondays of each month (In December they meet once, on the third Monday of the month). Unless otherwise posted, all regular meetings are located in the District Meeting Room. The meetings start at 5:00pm.  The Board welcomes and encourages public participation during its meetings. If you wish to attend and need any accommodations for disability please contact Nicole Galloway at 360.841.2700 or gallowan@woodlandschools.org at least two business days prior to the meeting.

In addition to their regular meetings, the School Board holds special meetings on an occasional basis. These meetings are posted at least 24 hours in advance of their occurrence. If you wish to receive notice and agenda for all regular and special meetings you can subscribe to our 'wsd-board-news' list and receive email notice, including agenda by clicking http://www.woodlandschools.org/node/2806.

Public Input at Meetings of the Board

All meetings are open to the public (with the exception of executive sessions). The Board of Directors encourages public input.  At each regular meeting of the Board community members are provided an opportunity to make comment to the Board on items under its consideration or scheduled for discussion on the agenda.  In addition, comment is invited on other items of individual or public concern.

Citizens will be invited to address the board at the time designated by the board for public comment.   In order to ensure an orderly and businesslike meeting it is important for individuals wishing to speak to:

1)   Sign in prior to the meeting, so that the chair may recognize them in an orderly manner.

2)   Be recognized by the Board President prior to speaking.

3)   Direct your comments to the board, not the audience.

4)   Keep their comments focused.  The Board President may, at his or her discretion, limit the length of comments.

5)   Avoid personal attacks, complaints about individuals, lewd or obscene language.

During presentations to the Board, the audience are to listen respectfully, without interrupting or interjecting opinion.   Your opinion is important to the board, and in the interest of orderly and businesslike conduct, we ask that comments only be made during the time(s) set aside for public comment. If you wish to make statements about specific individuals (staff, students, directors, etc.), you may direct them to us in writing.

Individuals with disabilities who may need a modification to participate in a meeting, should contact Nicole Galloway (gallowan@woodlandschools.org, 360.841.2700) in the superintendent’s office no later than three business days before a regular meeting, and as soon as possible in advance of a special meeting, so that arrangements for the modifications can be made.