School Board Goals

High-Quality Teaching & Learning 

Our faculty and staff will provide effective and high-quality instruction by engaging student interests, exploring alternate pathways and leading by example, thereby promoting a powerful environment for learning. This process will be enhanced through the incorporation of proven tools, training and classroom support.

A safe, healthy & nurturing environment

Our school climate will enhance educational performance by focusing on each child, meeting individual student needs by emphasizing safety, a healthy personal outlook, proper nutrition, and physical fitness.

We are committed to the safety of our students by providing facilities that are secure from harmful influences both inside and out. Annually, we will partner with staff and community to identify security improvements and commit necessary resources to accomplish them in a timely manner.

Prudent, conservative fiscal management

We will promote public trust through effective financial oversight and prudent management of District finances and cash reserves.

Effective partnerships

We will leverage community skills and resources through compelling and innovative partnerships, working with our local business community, government entities, early learning providers, service clubs, senior centers, and other complementary organizations.

Community outreach & involvement

We will actively promote our District through effective, consistent and transparent communication, particularly with parents and families, instilling a sense of commitment throughout our community toward student success. Our outreach will be welcoming, inclusive, and relevant.